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Family Genealogy Research Discovery Call

Discover Your Roots: Uncover Your Family's Rich History

  • 30 min
  • Phone Call

Service Description

Unlock the secrets of your past! Embark on a journey of self-discovery and connect with the rich tapestry of your heritage through the Family Ancestry Research Package. Delve deep into the lives of your ancestors, tracing their footsteps through time, and unearthing the stories that have shaped your family's legacy. Why Choose Me: I've been researching my own family history since 2017, having taken 2 community colleges courses in genealogy research. Throughout this time, I have created a comprehensive digital and physical family tree, connected with distant relatives and cousins, took an Ancestry DNA test, uncovered fascinating stories of my ancestors, uncovered photos and records from ancestors, visited significant sites in-person relating to my ancestors, and more! I understand that your family information is sensitive info, which is why I will handle all information with care, and keep it as confidential as possible. Your privacy, and more importantly your trust in me, is my top priority. would charge you $3,500 for their research package, and may include more than you're looking for. Most independent genealogy researchers charge by the hour, which means you have no control over how how much money you spend, how long they take, or how far your money takes you. With this comprehensive package, you know exactly what you're getting. Includes: - In-depth research on your family tree using data and documents gathered from and other sources* - Three video chats (introductory, mid-updates and questions (within 3 months), and Final Report (within 6 months)** - Interpretation of Ancestry or 23andMe DNA testing results and connecting places to their respective relatives*** - Access to your branched out Ancestry tree (without needing a subscription) - Option to order family history products for additional costs - Summary stories about about your Ancestry in a written document - Lifetime support with specific research questions Booking now will book a discovery call with me to discuss your needs. I will call you at your provided phone number. If we determine this service will be a good fit for you, we'll proceed from there. Full service will be $997. Payment accepted online. *If I am unable to find any records, you are eligible for a full refund **Other family members are invited to join. All I ask is you send me their names and emails so I can let them in the Zoom session. ***Does not include DNA test itself

Contact Details

(513) 993-5251

200 East Business Way, Sharonville, OH, USA

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