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Ministry with Jack Timperley

Ministry with Jack Timperley

About My Ministry

Ordained by Universal Life Church with a Certificate in Ministry, I started my ministry journey in 2024 as a member of the Center for Spiritual Living Greater Cincinnati community and volunteer at Crossroads Church in southwest Ohio through hospital/home care visits, celebration of life coordination, speaking at events, and more. Although I abide by mostly Christian values, principles, and beliefs, I put faith over religion including incorporating some religious science into my spiritual philosophy. I'm available for wedding's, funerals/celebrations of life, spiritual counseling (through the life coaching service), service speaking, and more! Contact me today for more details.

Reading Scripture
Reading Scripture

How I Came to Faith

In summer 2022, I was hospitalized on a ventilator with a grim outlook. One night, as I was struggling in the fight to stay alive, I was saved by the hand of God. From then on, I made a miraculous recovery and I've been grateful and faithful to God ever since. See "I Was Saved By The Hand Of God" video on YouTube for the full story.

Why I Became a Minister

As a self-proclaimed agent of God, my heart is with the people. I set out to spread the word and purpose of God, help improve people's lives where possible, and become the best human I can be.

Wedding Ceremony

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